Okay, so this is my umpteenth attempt at getting started with blogging.  I am going to use this site to share what is going on in my life that I find particularly interesting or that I want to rant about.  Honestly,  a lot of people may not want to hear a dude complain about his life or talk about things only about himself.  If that’s the case, the back button is right there on your screen.

My name is Casey Ferguson and I am a gamer and college student.  I’m not very deep, but I am rather opinionated and I like to talk about the things that interest me.  I’ll try to keep things pretty general so as not to stir the shit too much, but I do like to be right and try my best to convince people otherwise.  One thing you will not find me do on this site is argue religion with a believer, argue over politics, or carry on any other kind of baseless argument.

However, if you have something to share relating to a post I put up, or want to connect, that is one reason for the page.

Alright, here we go.

/end rant