Okay.  Something that I have been noticing a hell of a lot more lately is the blatant lack of turn signal etiquette on the roads near me recently.  I mean how easy must a concept be for everyone to understand before everyone does it.  I’ve just been finding that a ton of people either:

a. Don’t turn on their turn signal to turn on a street when there is clearly someone behind them (namely me)

b. Don’t signal to make a lane change when there is clearly someone in the lane they are changing into (namely mine)

c. Turn on the wrong turn signal to accomplish the tasks in a or b

d. Forget to turn off their turn signals after changing lanes or taking a sweeping turn

e. Drive for MILES without noticing d

I have experienced all of these in the course of maybe the last four days.

I understand that things may be distracting in your life.  These are also things you should avoid while driving:

a. Being blind

b. Texting

c. Constantly looking in your backseat

d. Talking on the phone while driving on busy highways or backroads

e. Otherwise not paying attention to the action at hand (driving)

On occasion I make a slip in judgement as well, but if I happen to be noticing everyone’s slips in judgement, I am either one of the luckiest or unluckiest people on the planet.

/end rant