I don’t want to sound racist, and I guess its more of a style choice over a race thing, but every black guy I see with a baseball cap tends to leave all of the stickers on it.  Personally, I wouldn’t buy a hat with stickers on it unless it was like a NCAA or league branding sticker.  But even if I did, I’d take the stickers off.

Today I saw three guys, all sitting with their flat-brimmed baseball caps, all with the holographic branding sticker on the brim.  I’d seen this before and always wondered, “What’s so cool about keeping the stickers on the hats?”

One thing that blew me away even more way that all the stickers UNDER the brim were still there too.  The bar code, the consumer warning, the washing instructions and whatnot.  Are they leaving them on there so that they can return them when they run out of money or need some extra cash?

I really don’t want to come across as racist, and I am certainly not prejudiced, but I do notice when people feed into stereotypes.  Not to get off subject too much, but when I was working at Martins Food Store last year, every black family or person that came through the line either had a watermelon or a box of fried chicken.  I’m sure if there were more African American families that shopped at the store I wouldn’t be able to say that, but it came to fruition every time someone came through.

So, my question to you.  Why do people like to leave the sticker on the cap?  Who started that?  Why do people still do it?  Was it a rapper that made it cool?  Let me know in the comments.