The internet sensation, and I use that word loosely, “Friday” from Rebecca Black has been one of the most, or rather LEAST, successful videos on YouTube in a long time, depending on your definition of success.

The video at the time of this post has 2,044,396 dislikes, making it the most hated video in the history of YouTube. However, to rack up the dislikes, the video also had to have gotten a lot of views. Over 101 million views.

Those viewers have spawned countless parodies and dubs, including a failed lip readers interpretation “Gang Fight”, a dub called Brock’s Dub that includes a guy doing a Christopher Walken impression and twisting words in the song, even a death metal version.

Friday, while the lyrics may be interesting, involves a singer with a horribly whiny voice, and the lyrics and storyline don’t match up with the early pubescent people involved in the video. It even involves several 13 year old children standing around “their” cars at a party, and a couple of these children even “driving”. Not likely.

It also has a lyrical turn about which seat she would take in the car. However, it is a convertible and it has five seats, and there are already four people in the car. Really? REALLY??? Sorry.

There are plenty of things to be concerned about in this video, but to be honest, I feel sorry for her. This was probably a case of an adult taking advantage of a naive child, and getting infamous for it.

And whats worse is that EVERYONE KNOWS HER REAL NAME. That will never go away.

With more views than the population of several small countries, so many people have seen the video, and the song is very catchy and will be stuck in peoples thoughts for weeks, months, or even years to come.